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WEBINAR How to Publish Under the CARE-CRUI Open Access Agreement with IEEE

5 April 2023 - 9.30 a.m.

CARE-CRUI and IEEE invite you to join an upcoming free webinar on 5 April to help you understand the open access publishing opportunities available to you, and how to take advantage of your institution’s open access agreement with IEEE. This webinar will review the current state of open access agreements in Italy, guide you through the process of submitting an open access paper to IEEE, and also provide additional critical insights related to open access publishing. The seminar will also cover details on the many publishing options available from IEEE, offer important tips and best practices to help authors get published, and share helpful resources for authors.

Following is the agenda for the event:

» “Open Access and Transformative Agreements in Italy: the Current State of the Art” o Nino Grizzuti, CRUI-CARE and University of Naples Federico II, coordinator of CARE Group, 45 minutes (Language: Italian)

» “How to Publish Open Access Articles with IEEE under the CARE CRUI Agreement” o Featuring Eszter Lukacs, IEEE Client Services Manager, 45 minutes (Language: English)

» “Additional Insights on Open Access Publishing” o Stefano Bianco, CRUI-CARE and INFN, member of CARE Group, 20 minutes (Language: Italian)

Register and reserve your seat today!

This event and your institutional subscription is made possible by your institution’s library. If you have any questions about your access or this event, please contact your library administrator. Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues at your institution, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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